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  1. "You have a responsibility in being here, a responsibility that very few people have recalled into their memory. You did not just end up here, surrounded by all these other people who ended up here, not knowing what to do with yourself. No, you have come here for a purpose. You have gone to great lengths to enter the physical body—a painful and difficult journey it is.

    If you did not have a body, it would be very difficult for you to communicate with people. It would be very difficult for you to contribute directly to this world, which so deeply needs your abilities. It would be very difficult to communicate to your loved ones who are here. You would speak, but they would not hear you, or if they heard you, maybe they would turn their head or feel a strange sensation. But it is unlikely that they would actually hear you speaking to them, for they are too preoccupied with their own thoughts to hear anything beyond their own mind.

    So you have this body. It is meant to be an asset to you. It deserves your careful and conscientious care because it is a gift. You had to wait a long time to come here. You cannot just enter the world at will. You have to wait in line. Very few people remember where they came from, so this all seems a little irrelevant and perhaps controversial.

    You are here for a very short time to accomplish a specific task. If you do not accomplish it, you will simply have to go through the process all over again until you can recognize your purpose while you are in the world and complete it. Then you will not need to come back anymore. For those of you who are honest about your experience here, at some point you must come to realize that you really do not want to come back again, particularly if you learn to recognize where you are going and the freedom that it promises for you.

    Developing health takes a level of concentration, self-discipline and commitment that anyone would benefit from having. It is not that health is so difficult to maintain. It is that very few people feel they are worth the effort. It is not their bodies that they are evaluating here. It is themselves.

    If you have no sense of abiding purpose in your life, then you will feel that your body is just one more nuisance to you. But as you cultivate your awareness of your purpose, and as it becomes more real as a guiding force that you feel each day, then you must realize that your physical body is a remarkable achievement.

    You have a great opportunity if you are not short sighted and if you think about your life in a long-term sense. Once you see that you are a visitor in this world and that this is not your home, then perhaps you will begin to recognize you have a responsibility to those who have sent you to realize your purpose, to develop the necessary skills and to take good care of your physical vehicle. If you take good care of your physical body, it will serve you well and meet the demands that you place upon it. Indeed, as your purpose is realized, you will discover that your life will become increasingly focused, and you will have greater demands upon your energy. They will be regenerative demands; they will be beneficial to you, but you must be physically capable."

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