Vegan Bodybuilding Cookbook: 100 High Protein Recipes For a Strong Body While Maintaining Health, Vitality and Energy (Plant Based, Vegan, Fitness, High Protein) (English Edition)

How to be vegan and build muscles at the same time? This is the cookbook for you!

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A vegan lifestyle and nutrition habits are strongly stigmatized nowadays. Many misconceptions about the plant based lifestyle trigger negative or restrained attitudes towards people pursuing that lifestyle. These misconceptions withhold people from transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.

Bodybuilders who want to go vegan face this problem even more severely: How can you reach your protein goals while rejecting meat and dairy (whey proteins) from your diet?

This book will clear out these misconceptions and provide 100 high protein recipes to fulfill your protein goals while maintaining health.

You’re about to discover…

…common misconceptions about vegans, and why they are wrong
…why people are concerned about protein on a vegan diet
…why people overestimate the amount of protein required to build muscles.
…why looking lean and ripped does not mean having a healthy body.
and of course
100 high protein recipes, that are delicious, easy to prepare and meet your protein needs to become strong and muscular
You Only Get One Body. Take Action Now And Get This Book!

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